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Coffee Like

Coffee Like

Online store of coffee beans and accessories

Project launch date — October 2019

Best retail site 2019

Launched MVP online store Coffee Like with delivery in Russia and CIS countries. Home page with product and advertising promo block, catalog with filter, product card, shopping cart, order processing. Integration with SDEK and St. Petersburg social commercial bank.


Coffee Like is a well-known federal company that produces and sells coffee and related accessories. It has a wide franchise network of coffee shops with takeaway drinks-more than 660 units in 140+ cities and 7 countries.

In 2015, the company entered the top ten small business startups according to Forbes and, according to market research, are leaders in their segment in Russia.

coffee bars
cities in the CL network
cups of coffee are prepared every minute


Before our work, the sale of Coffee Like coffee beans and related accessories (mugs, coffee grinders, etc.) was carried out only at franchisee points.

At the end of the summer of 2019, the company's executives decided to launch e-commerce.


Create an online sales tool for retail customers. Launch MVP in 2.5 months, so that the first sale from the site will happen in the fall.

It was necessary to solve the following tasks

— Automate the sales process. The Manager's intervention should be minimal.

— Make sure that the right product can be found by those who are well versed in coffee, and those who know little about the characteristics of the product.

— It is necessary that the site can work with high traffic (the plan is more than 100 thousand visits per day).

— Provide payment on the site, delivery in Russia, and CIS countries.

Planing and designing

To speed up the coordination of the first stages of work on the site  — Analytics, design and design  — the customer himself flew to Barnaul and worked in our office for a week together with the Analyst, Project Manager, and Designer.

Kirill Nikolaev
Coffee Like
Kirill Nikolaev

Given the fact that the time frame for rolling out MVP in prod was slightly less than 90 days, we decided that the development of technical specification would be more productive together with the team, for which we landed in Barnaul for a week.

Everything was smooth, from memorable things-a sudden hernia of the spinal spine and 4 hours without painkillers on the flight to Moscow, but we completed the task-we wrote, agreed, and did.

At this stage, we found out:

— What information the user should see in the product preview to make a purchase decision.

— What are the characteristics of a person looking for a suitable coffee? Based on this information, we designed a filter in the list of products.

— What additional blocks should be placed on the page to answer all the buyer's questions

— What methods of performing additional sales we implement at the first stage, so as not to significantly affect the overall development period.

The research relied on information from the client's marketing department, analyzed competitors' websites, read forums, and social networks to find out what parameters are important when choosing coffee. As a result, the description and filters for coffee turned out to be exhaustive — both for geeks who understand this and for those who just went to buy coffee.

Feature of the filter: all its parameters are regulated from the admin panel. You can set new properties and assign them to products to test hypotheses.

UI/UX design

We started working on the design by creating a visual brief.

Stanislav Khromushin
Stanislav Khromushin

Several directions were suggested, the most suitable one was determined, and we moved to the design concept of the main page. In the process of its development, we relied on user experience: we made sure that each element was understandable to the user and was in its place. We tried to make the interface as user-friendly as possible while accompanying it with high-quality and relevant creative content. Thanks to this approach, we managed to hit the target.

A slide with the product was placed on the first screen. It helps the user to immediately navigate where they are. Focuses on the top product. This allows you to make a sale in the first seconds that the user spends on the site.

Infographic "The way of coffee" tells about the process of coffee production: growing beans, assembling, roasting.

The product preview displays all the important characteristics that the buyer needs to make a decision. Including the rating-an intuitive reference point.

Since the customer was actively involved in the work, we were able to draw and coordinate the design of all pages in 1.5 weeks, almost without edits.


The site is implemented using the API Based approach: with a RESTfull backend and an administrative panel based on the Symfony Framework.

Pavel Bondarovich
Pavel Bondarovich

During development, we applied the API-Based approach: in parallel with layout design, we developed the API, and then integrated the client part with it — the frontend of the web application. This will make the project easier to maintain and develop.

Flexible admin panel allows you to quickly respond to customer demand and test various hypotheses.

— Edit product photos, main and additional descriptions, an order of issue, placement in promo blocks. Characteristics are assigned: "Popular", "Fast delivery".

— Filters are flexibly configured: you can set new properties for products and display them in the list of products. This is how different coffee selection scenarios are tested.

Related products are linked: "With this buy" and "Similar products". Based on the analysis of sales statistics for related products, you can change bindings and thus manage the effectiveness of additional sales.

Andrew Wedin
Front-end developer
Andrew Wedin

The site interface is smooth and easy. We used Skeleton Screens for preloaders in the product list and shopping cart.

Order registration

Our task was to make sure that the order was made with minimal intervention of the Manager. To do this, we have simplified and automated all processes.

You don't need to wait for a confirmation call to place an order. The buyer collects the order and pays for it online. After that, the request is automatically sent to the transport company. The delivery service sends the tracking number of the order to the system.

A message with delivery information is sent to the buyer via the SendPulse service. Notifications about status changes are sent in the same way.

Thus, the coffee Like Manager is only enabled if manual intervention is required. For example, if the customer changed their mind and wants to cancel the order or change the composition.

The site is integrated with the payment system and delivery service SDEK. To send messages about the order status, the SendPulse service is enabled.


We managed to build and launch MVP in less than 90 days. This was made possible thanks to well-coordinated work with the client and built-in processes.

Dedicated development team

From the very beginning, a team was assembled for the project under the leadership of a Manager and a Team Leader. All work is clearly planned, stand-ups take place daily, the team works smoothly and quickly.

Parallel process

Since we have divided the work on the frontend and backend, they can be carried out simultaneously. For example, the development of the administrative panel started before all the layouts were drawn.

Syncing with the client

Since the customer's manager worked on important first stages in our office, all issues that usually require a long discussion were quickly resolved. In our case, the project structure and design concept were agreed upon as quickly as possible and almost without edits.

Kirill Nikolaev
Coffee Like
Kirill Nikolaev

The pain of any owner of a technological product is to control the timing, budget, and quality of development. With the guys, these issues absolutely always proceed as planned and without surprises, without exceptions at all. Is this not happiness?

Releasing such a developer is a big sign, so we plan at least 5-6 more iterations for 2 years for sure.

And finally

We have achieved the main goal-to launch an online store on time. On November 15, 2019, the site opened to visitors.

The customer highly appreciates the cooperation with us. At the moment, we are planning the scope of work for the next iterations.

The project received a silver Tagline Award in the category "Best retail site".

Thank you for attention!

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Let's discuss your project
Alexandra Shevchenko
Account manager
Alexandra Shevchenko

We will receive your request and send you an offer within 24 hours with an approximate estimate of the development cost and clarifying questions. After that, we will call you and discuss the project’s goals and requirements. And let’s get started.