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VK-media, a publishing group

VK-media, a publishing group

Six websites of online publications on a single platform

Project launch date — September 2018

We updated six news sites at once, imported all the articles on them, and made convenient content management and monetization system.


"VK-Media" is a publishing group from the Sverdlovsk region, which runs as many as six electronic media. The sites publish news from the region and individual cities, as well as advertising materials.

In addition to the obvious problem with outdated design, the client had difficulties managing content and advertising. Six different admins (one for each site), coupled with mountains of material, created such a mess every day that it couldn't go on like this.

The application came to us from the AGIMA partner club.

About company

VK-media publishing group has been operating in the North of the Sverdlovsk region since 1993 when the first issue of a printed newspaper with city news was published. Specialization-small cities with a population of 30 to 100 thousand people: Karpinsk, Severouralsk, Volchansk, Sosva, Krasnoturinsk. The publication adheres to an independent editorial policy-it covers events from all points of view, leaving readers the right to draw their own conclusions.

"VK-Media" group became a kind of reference point for the media in its region: competitors were forced to change for the better.

The first site was launched in 2006 on the Joomla platform — where news from the latest issue of a printed newspaper was published once a week. In 2010-2014, all other Newspapers also had their own websites on the WordPress platform.

Currently, the company's journalists work on the principle of digital-first — all updates appear first on the site and then are published in print publications. Every day, 25-40 news and texts are published on the sites. The sites have a weekly audience of almost 20,000 unique users and a monthly audience of 300,000.

The company's publications were included in the quarterly rating of the TOP 25 most cited media in the Sverdlovsk region 25 times according to Medialogia. The company's journalists and publications constantly win professional competitions. VK-media publishing group is a member of the Alliance of independent regional publishers.


We had to complete three main tasks:

  • Update the design of websites, maintain it in a single style — after all, all media belong to the same publisher.
  • Simplify the publication of news, advertising, and private ads.
  • Carefully move the project to a new platform: all sites had an impressive archive of news, and every day there were fresh ones.

In other words, we had to restart an already functioning system and make it better.

Visual system

Six sites, one publishing group-creating a single style was a logical and correct decision. We made unified blocks that were used on all new sites, only the palette changed. This helped speed up the development of the project several times.

The visual concept was developed at the pre-sale stage — but it did not undergo any significant changes in the future. One of the important tasks that we solved was to come up with an ad placement system. It was necessary to make the ad blocks fit harmoniously into the design.

Alexander Ostrovskikh
Art Director
Alexander Ostrovskikh

Delved into the client's business processes and analyzed how users consume content. We took as a basis the UX that we encounter every day in social networks and on news sites-that is, streaming content. And we followed this path, dividing it into categories: crime, utilities, snowdrifts with the inscription "Navalny".

We chose a block system so that we could set priorities on the desktop: most of the users came from a PC. We used a grid and different cards — they can be advertising banners, publications, or ads. This is convenient for users and gives a fork in the price for advertisers: blocks can be sold as in a newspaper — from small ads to spreads.

One database and admin panel to rule all

Previously, each media site worked on its own platform. This gave rise to two problems. First, if the publication wanted to change something on all sites at once, for example, add a new widget, then it was necessary to make changes to the code six times. Second, journalists who added content were forced to duplicate it in several admin areas — if the material was replicated in several media at once. This delayed the time frame and increased the cost of maintaining and developing sites.

Мы перенесли систему управления на единую платформу (Битрикс) и объединили кодовую базу. Теперь любые задачи по внесению изменений в сайт выполняются значительно быстрее, как и задачи по управлению контентом. А помимо базовых функций визуального редактора мы сделали много сниппетов — инструментов, которые позволяют легко и просто добавлять часто используемые фрагменты верстки, например, цитаты или фотогалереи.


Now everyone can submit an ad on the site by filling out a convenient interactive form, as well as immediately buy a publication in a printed publication.

Pavel Bondarovich
Team Lead
Pavel Bondarovich

We have developed an interactive ad submission form for the project. Depending on the selected parameters, the composition of the field changes, and the price is recalculated. The cost of advertising placement is set in the admin panel — you can make it different for each publication.

The main challenge was to combine essentially different categories on six different sites into a single form. Another technical feature: after moderation, the ad is automatically placed in the catalog in the appropriate sections.

Another way to monetize is to subscribe. All services can be paid for via Yandex.Cash.

Import news

Before launching the new platform, we moved all the old content from WordPress — which is about 80 thousand news and ads. And it wasn't just about exporting an XML file, because it:

  • I couldn't give away a lot of news at once.
  • Gave the news together with ads, one table.
  • Some files had different news formats.
Denis Kvasov
Denis Kvasov

We faced the inevitable: the standard WordPress upload file was almost unusable. We suggested a solution: write a parser that would pull only news from XML, ignoring ads, highlight authors and categories in the news, and separate them.

The adventure didn't end there: as you may remember, we had 6 sites, and some exported XML in a slightly different format. As a result, the news had no dates. With ads, too, you had to invent a solution: there were a lot of them, on different sites they were stored as categories, then as subcategories.

As a result, we completely moved the entire database of materials, articles, ads, and authors. Kept the structure of the content. The launch itself took a lot of time and effort, but we managed it.


We have done a great job and helped the modern publishing holding to improve the processes of working with online media content and advertisers.

articles moved to the new site
1 mln
monthly content views
Nikolai Pochinin
Commercial Director of VK-Media
Nikolai Pochinin

When we decided to modernize our sites, we chose from several companies. We chose Creonit because we received an adequate offer from Them within our budget. And this decision was justified.

As a result, the Creonit team was able to assemble our disparate sites on one platform, develop a modern design, make life easier for journalists, make sites convenient for readers, and increase traffic. I am very impressed with the approach of Creonit to work, their customer focus — all issues were resolved as quickly as possible.

Now we continue to work with the company: we improve the site's services, implement the features that readers ask for, and work together to monetize resources.

Support and development

We continue to work on the product — introducing new features, improving existing services.

Ira Kireeva
Account Director
Ira Kireeva

Together with the customer, we are working hard to make the sites more user-friendly by adding new features and making the interface more intuitive. We analyze data from Analytics services and reviews from real readers.

We are constantly improving the project's monetization model: we are adding ad blocks and partner programs to the interface, and working on the logic of their delivery. So that advertising does not seem foreign and inappropriate on sites for readers and at the same time brings the customer profit.

Thanks for your attention!

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Alexandra Shevchenko
Account manager
Alexandra Shevchenko

We will receive your request and send you an offer within 24 hours with an approximate estimate of the development cost and clarifying questions. After that, we will call you and discuss the project’s goals and requirements. And let’s get started.

Let's discuss your project
Alexandra Shevchenko
Account manager
Alexandra Shevchenko

We will receive your request and send you an offer within 24 hours with an approximate estimate of the development cost and clarifying questions. After that, we will call you and discuss the project’s goals and requirements. And let’s get started.