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Radjab Carpet

Radjab Carpet

Online store of carpet products

Project launch date — March 2020

Made a beautiful and convenient online store for one of the largest importers of carpet products. Imported catalog, easy selection of options. Integration with 1C and CRM system.


Radjab Carpet is a wholesale and retail company that has grown from a small retailer in the carpet market to one of the largest importers of carpet products in Russia. The company supplies carpets to stores all over the country, from Kaliningrad to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The majority of customers are wholesalers, but along with them, carpets are also sold to end-users.

The catalog contains about 30 collections of carpets — among them there are both inexpensive carpets and elite ones (800+ thousand rubles).

The level of service here is appropriate — for example, the buyer can choose several carpets for free fitting with courier delivery!

20 лет
years on the market
stores in Russia
among carpet importers

Radjab Carpet does not seek to compete with the giants of the market. The company occupies its own niche, guided by the principle of "sell exclusive or don't sell anything". 


Radjab Carpet buyers are family people and couples with wealth and a desire to decorate their home; interior designers and wholesalers who need a presentable catalog are always at hand.

Business is digitized, people are ready to choose and order interior items online (including expensive ones) and expect that it will be convenient and easy to do from any device.

The company had an old website, working, but completely outdated, not suitable for promotion and not reflecting the real image of the company.


— Refresh the site design following the latest trends. To focus on the product photo.  

— Adapt the site to devices with any screen resolution (including retina displays).

— To provide a convenient choice due to the expanded menu, flexible filter as an option.

— Implement a simple and fast order scenario with sending to the customer's CRM system.


Dina Garbuz
Project Manager
Dina Garbuz

To speed up development, we started with MVP - first, we implemented the most important scenarios in a lightweight form. The first version includes an imported catalog with a filter, a simple order form with CRM integration, and a designer for content pages.

Analytics and designing

We started working on the new site with Analytics. We conducted an in-depth interview with the client, asked about his customers-what kind of people they are, how they choose carpets, what attracts them, and what repels them? Also, we analyzed the audience based on data from the old site's Analytics systems. We studied a lot of reviews and analyzed direct and related competitors. As a result of this work, we selected several basic ideas for UX.

The process of designing the structure of the future site.

UX/UI design

A large range of products, a lot of expensive and really cool designer carpets have left their mark on the appearance of the site.

At the stage of drawing up the visual brief, we clarified our expectations for the future site design. Several different variations of promo blocks, product cards, fonts, and color schemes were offered. We decided on minimalism with small accents that emphasize premium and exclusive. In particular, we chose a serif font for the titles, and the colors have gold shades.


Visual brief.

Stanislav Khromushin
Stanislav Khromushin

The most important thing was not to overdo the premium so that it was in moderation. Therefore, we decided to add turquoise color, which is well located in the accent areas (buttons, links, icons, etc.).

The soft colors of the interface do not distract attention from the main thing — luxury photos of carpets. When you hover over a product in the list, the carpet photo changes to its image in the interior.

The design feature is 100% grid width, so the content takes up the entire width of the screen, whether it is 320 pixels or 1920.

This allows us to place more products in the user's field of view, and make images larger. Advantages of this solution: carpets are easier to compare, you don't need to scroll for a long time, look at small pictures — among other things, it's just beautiful.


The site is implemented on the Symfony Framework, based on the API Based approach: with a RESTfull backend. Thanks to this, the site works very quickly, and the flexible admin panel allows you to manage important parameters: edit filters, assign characteristics, and change the order of product delivery.

The Radjab Carpet catalog contains about 30 collections of carpets, each of which can contain from 5 to 30 types of products that differ in shape, design, and color. At the design stage, together with the client, we came up with several features that will help users in the selection process and will have a good impact on the conversion rate.

Dmitry Berezikov
Business Analyst
Dmitry Berezikov

It was immediately decided to make a flexible catalog filter, highlight premium carpets, and add a selection by shape, color, and style.

We made the fastest and most visual choice of carpet size — both from the card and from the product page.

For the convenience of the client, we added guides on the selection of carpets and recommendations for care.

The customer offered several great features. For example, one of them is a virtual fitting: the client sends a photo of the room, and in response receives a processed photo with the selected carpet.

Catalog with smart filter

Based on the analysis of customer needs, we have identified the main filtering parameters: style, size, material, price, etc. You can easily change the filter settings in the admin panel — so the customer can test hypotheses for different selection scenarios.

Do not forget about small but pleasant amenities: for example, when choosing a carpet style, we show a picture illustrating it.

Expanded menu

To facilitate the search on the site, a convenient expanded menu has been made. The user will be able to select the desired product without even going to the catalog.

Custom gallery

High-quality, attractive photos of carpets-this this is what distinguishes the site Radjab Carpet from most competitors. To emphasize this, we decided to create a gallery on the product page that is not quite familiar: they refused to preview it and instead placed large images.

Stanislav Khromushin
Stanislav Khromushin

In the UI, we focused on photos-they showed carpets in great detail. Thanks to excellent Studio shots, the gallery looks great, and nothing distracts the client from the choice.

Shopping cart and checkout

To speed up the site launch, we implemented a very simple order scenario. The user specifies only the necessary contact information — name, phone number, and email. After submitting the form, the request appears in the customer's CRM system and is picked up by the Manager who completes the order.

Everything works on the fly, quickly and simply — there is no mandatory registration, no set of fields that need to be filled in, or long clicks on several pages of ordering. Literally a one-click order.

Constructor for content pages

One of the site's functions is image-based. The company not only sells carpets but also communicates with its customers: helps them choose the right carpet, gives recommendations on care. For convenient content design, we have implemented a system of widgets: standard blocks (text, photo gallery, list, etc.), from which the client independently builds the page without the participation of a designer or layout designer.

Thanks to widgets, pages do not fall out of the General style, look neat, and are easy to read.


The new site solved several tasks of the company:

— Product Presentation,
— Image function,
— Automation of catalog loading and integration with CRM,
— Speed of work and optimization for further promotion.

Before launching, we carried out the necessary work on the primary search engine optimization of the site and set up analytics.

The plans include further development and support of the online store, improvement of new features that will be based on the analysis of user behavior and feedback from customers.

Suleiman Magomedov
Head of sales department
Suleiman Magomedov

We would like to thank the Creonit team for the excellent task of creating a new online carpet store. We would like to highlight the clear organization of the process, which greatly facilitated the communication process so that the site turned out exactly as we imagined it.

We also thank our Project Manager Dina for her patience and responsiveness.

Thanks for your attention!

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Account manager
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Let's discuss your project
Alexandra Shevchenko
Account manager
Alexandra Shevchenko

We will receive your request and send you an offer within 24 hours with an approximate estimate of the development cost and clarifying questions. After that, we will call you and discuss the project’s goals and requirements. And let’s get started.