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Mobile app for real estate sales

Project launch date — June 2019

We made a mobile app for the company's real estate partners-agencies and realtors. A convenient tool for selecting apartments for clients, conducting transactions, and reporting. Integration with 1C and CRM. Read more below.


Stroyrealt is a real estate company.


Those who at least once in their life faced with the purchase of housing, know that this is a stormy business. It involves a lot of people, companies, services, and interactions between them.

It looks like this:

Usually, the process of interaction between realtors and developers is a chaos of messages on WhatsApp, calls, emails and papers, trips, and meetings. Somewhere around there is a certain CRM that is designed to structure this interaction.

Our client took a radical approach to solve the problem and decided to develop a partner account — in other words, an entire ecosystem in which all Stroyrealt partners and their managers will exist. Up to this point, the company had already made an attempt to develop such a service with another contractor, but the cabinet turned out to be purely informative and static, which did not meet the goals of the organization.

We had to develop a mobile app to complement the existing partner's personal account. Looking ahead: after launching the app, we continued working on the personal account and significantly redesigned it.


Develop a partner account for agency managers and their realtors, through which they will work effectively and centrally with clients. Increase sales. To track leads. And at the same time, how can you see the effectiveness of a particular realtor at a glance — how many deals he closed and for what amount?

The app must fully ensure the organization of business processes for interaction between the real estate seller and its partners.

The business goal — to create an ecosystem for Stroyrealt partners, where the entire transaction cycle will take place: from selecting an apartment to calculating the premium for the concluded contract.


The task that we had to solve was very extensive, so first of all we divided it into stages and started with the development of a mobile application.

Dina Garbuz
Project Manager
Dina Garbuz

Why the app and not your personal account on the site? Because the job of a realtor assumes that he is mostly on his feet and the road, personally meets with clients. From a mobile phone or tablet, it is more convenient to show something to the client, send requests, and call the developer's Manager.

In turn, the development of the application was also divided into several iterations. First, we launched the first release — MVP, rolled out a big update a month later, and continue to implement small cosmetic and functional improvements.

How the partner appears in the system

A standard scenario for including a partner in the Stroyrealt ecosystem: a partner company is started in 1C and uploaded to the app. Access is granted to the head of the Agency, after which he connects his employees.

Second option: you can register your company in the app yourself. When registering, you can check your TIN data — you don't need to specify long details, the system will find everything itself. After verification, the agency gets full access to the app's functionality.

Selection of apartments

Buying an apartment starts with its selection. Therefore, an important part of the application is a large and convenient real estate catalog, which is designed to make life easier for the realtor and his client.

Pavel Bondarovich
Pavel Bondarovich

When we started developing the app, the customer already had a personal account, and integration with 1C was implemented there. Authorization, partner registration, and data output in the information sections worked. We made a RESTful API on Symfony that works with the existing database, providing data in a convenient form for the mobile application. At the same time, we did not touch or damage the admin panel of your personal account, which works with the same database. Neatly embedded on the side :)

Now new tasks on the frontend of the personal account are implemented through our API. This is convenient because we have a single point for receiving data for the personal account on the site and the mobile app. Both platforms are updated at the same time, which makes it twice as easy to maintain and reduces the chance of breaking something.

Interactive map

The scenario for selecting an apartment is as follows:

  • First, select the house you are interested in on the map (the label indicates what kind of residential complex it is),
  • After that, go to the list of apartments in the house, which can be filtered by the necessary parameters.

Flexible filter and recommendations

To narrow down the search area for a dream apartment, the app has a filter by various parameters: by residential complex, property type, delivery date, cost boundaries, area, number of rooms, floor, availability of finishing, etc. The selected filter parameters are not reset when you move to other objects — this is a small but very pleasant nuance.

Renderers with a layout

For apartments, the layout and zoning options are clearly visualized, up to the placement of furniture. You can zoom them in to get a better look and show them to the client — this is much more effective than a bare floor plan.

Share in messengers

When a realtor finds a suitable apartment, he sends his client information about it to WhatsApp, Telegram, or Viber in one click. This is convenient and saves a lot of time.

Svyatoslav Nikolenko
Svyatoslav Nikolenko

We are connected to the 1C via the SOAP Protocol and we pick out the information about the apartments, facilities, transactions, managers, etc. The amount of data is not very large, several thousand objects. Therefore, for the site and API to work quickly, it was enough for us to correctly place indexes in the database and perform optimized queries.

We get the layout images separately from the service developed by the customer independently.

Applications and transactions

The main page of the app displays information about the realtor's current requests, the number of transactions for the current month, and several recent closed transactions. You can quickly find the desired order or deal, go to their full list.

Making an application for the purchase of real estate

At the moment when the client is ready to buy, the realtor generates a request for the selected apartment. Fills in all the necessary information: customer data, payment method, etc.

Dina Garbuz
Project Manager
Dina Garbuz

After sending the request, it is synchronized with the company's CRM, and the Sales Manager receives a notification by email. A new customer is immediately started in CRM.

Further, the fate of the application passes to the management of the Sales Manager of Stroyrielt. When its status changes in the CRM, the app receives a status update and the realtor sees what stage their application is at.

Tracking transactions and revenue

When the transaction has taken place, the agency and the realtor who made the sale receive a notification.

The app displays dashboards with statistics of the agency and each realtor. Everything is very transparent, and it is not difficult to track the effectiveness of the partner.

What else?

Mortgage calculator

If you need to quickly calculate the number of mortgage payments, just specify the cost of the apartment, the interest rate, and the amount of the initial payment. The monthly payment amount and the mortgage amount are calculated in real-time. The realtor can share the resulting calculations with the client in one click in the messenger.

Additional bonuses: motivation and training

Currently, a training section is being developed for Stroyrealt partners, which contains methodological materials on the topic.

Stroyrealt also offers its partners participation in motivational programs. In the corresponding section of the app, you can participate in the prize draw and view the winners of previous contests.


We have created an application that fully covers all business processes related to the registration of transactions for the purchase of the real estate. Realtors search for apartments and send requests via the app (not by phone in the ear of an unhappy manager). There is no need to duplicate information on transactions in CRM, as everything is synchronized automatically.

В настоящий момент мы работаем сразу в нескольких направлениях:

  • Продолжаем развивать приложение, дорабатывать функционал и вносить мелкие косметические изменения.
  • Перерабатываем портал — личный кабинет партнера.

Thanks for your attention!

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Let's discuss your project
Alexandra Shevchenko
Account manager
Alexandra Shevchenko

We will receive your request and send you an offer within 24 hours with an approximate estimate of the development cost and clarifying questions. After that, we will call you and discuss the project’s goals and requirements. And let’s get started.