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Real estate selection service for buying or renting in Sochi

Project launch date — December 2019

Best real estate website 2019

Website of a real-estate agency and developer in Sochi. Selection of real estate for purchase or rent. Price statistics chart, mortgage calculator. Personal account for agency managers and employees to facilitate their work. Read more below.


Vertex investment and construction company has been building and selling residential and commercial real estate in Sochi for more than 12 years. It is one of the five largest developers in the city.

In addition to its facilities, the company offers customers a large selection of apartments, townhouses, cottages, and commercial real estate from its partners. The staff consists of experienced lawyers and real estate specialists with an average experience of 5 years.

residential complexes commissioned
12 years
in the real estate market
developers in Sochi


Sochi has a very lively and highly competitive real estate market with consistently high demand and supply. A typical portrait of a buyer in this market is adults with savings or resources for a mortgage, who want to either invest in real estate in Sochi and receive rental income from it, or want to have vacation housing, or plan to move. Often — a combination of all of the above.

These are usually nonresident clients who take a lot of risks when making a deal on their own or turning to unreliable intermediaries. Thematic forums are full of descriptions of cases of fraud among the "questionable" real estate agents. Working with a real estate agency is calmer and more comfortable.

It was important for Vertex to show that it provides excellent service to its customers. At the time of their arrival, the realtor acts almost like a personal guide: he books a hotel meets them at the airport and accompanies them during viewing.


Create the best real estate website in the segment of private agencies in Sochi.

The company's previous website did not meet its needs — for example, it did not have a catalog, was not adapted for generating leads and working with current customers. We had to solve the following tasks:

Creating the image of a reliable developer and agency. Detailed information and guarantees, personal pages of realtors, video reviews of buyers

Collecting leads for further work with them. Feedback forms, registration to get access to some features.

Creating a tool to facilitate the work of realtors. Personal account, creating new objects, collections for clients.

As a person who is planning to buy real estate in Sochi, the site will help you easily and conveniently find suitable options, convince the realtor of the reliability and bring to the completion of the transaction.

Planing and designing

Before starting to design the structure of the new site, we conducted several in-depth interviews with the client to find out what doubts, questions, and pains customers have.

Dina Garbuz
Project manager
Dina Garbuz

The Sochi real estate market combines high competition and buyers' distrust of its participants. Therefore, one of the important tasks of the site is to increase the level of customer confidence in the company. The customer did a lot of analytical work to collect customer concerns, and we discussed together how the site will help them work out.

The main factors that form a positive attitude to the company:

— Has been working for a long time (11 years).
— Not just a real estate agency, but also a property developer.
— Most often private traders cheat. Vertex is a large agency, and you can check all its realtors on the website.
— There are real customer reviews, and the video format-these inspires more confidence.



With this in mind, we have designed the site structure so that important information about the company is visible and easy to find.

Alexander Ostrovskikh
Art Director
Alexander Ostrovskikh

The design was based on the existing corporate identity of the company but slightly modernized it. The image task that the site solves is to create an atmosphere, to convey a certain way of life: on the sea, in a Sunny and warm city. Therefore, the design used illustrations in pastel colors and watercolor style, photos of smiling people.

On the first screen, you can place not only a static image but also a video to enhance the presence effect.


The site looks light and fast, but it has a lot of complex functions: a real estate catalog, a form for adding an object to your personal account, and a flexible system of characteristics. The administrative panel on the Symfony framework allows you to configure a huge number of parameters on the site-almost anything.

A selection of properties

The site provides a convenient selection of real estate for purchase or rent. The catalog contains expanded filters that take into account all the necessary parameters. Besides, there is a search by tags (#Newhome #Seaisnear) and by specific characteristics.

A nice little thing: the selected filter parameters are saved in the URL. This allows you to save the link with the desired selection for yourself or share it with others.

Site map

In parallel with the list of cards, all objects are displayed on the map. Moreover, the map is synchronized with the list in both directions: clicking on the mark scrolls the page to the object, and hovering over the object zooms the map to its location.

Maxim Savchenko
Front-end Team Lead
Maxim Savchenko

The main problems with the map were related to custom clusters. We had to color them and make their pop-up work with loading content. As is usually the case with Yandex — somewhere in the depths of the forums there are useful undocumented parameters that save the situation.

For the user's convenience, the search results display the block "you may be suitable", where objects with similar parameters are automatically offered: city district, area, price. Besides, the function "Add N more rubles, and M objects will appear" is available.

You can add your favorite items to your favorites and they will be saved in your personal account.

Mortgage calculator, price dynamics

The agency not only helps you choose an apartment but also accompanies the purchase process. Many clients are considering a mortgage for themselves, and there is a mortgage calculator on the site to help them. You can use it to set the necessary parameters (mortgage term, down payment, property type) and get an offer from Vertex partner banks. Also, at the bottom of the page, you will immediately see the cards of apartments that are suitable for the price.

Another useful feature for potential buyers is tracking average real estate prices in Sochi. The schedule is automatically plotted for any of the districts of the city as a whole. Additionally, you can choose the type of property and the time period of interest: 3, 6, or 12 months. Statistics is an automatically generated graph where you can clearly see the price dynamics, the cheapest, and most expensive months. This allows you to plan the right time for your purchase.

Lead generation

The main way to process leads in a company is through telephone conversations. Therefore, the site's task is to use lead-generating forms to collect phone numbers, which then go to the Sales Department for processing.

There are about 20 different forms on the site that offer to leave a phone number in exchange for information or an opportunity to act (for example, leave a comment or subscribe to a newsletter with price statistics). Each of them is flexibly configured in the admin panel.

Data from the forms filled out on the site is transmitted to the CRM, which is integrated via the API.

Realtor's personal account

Realtors of the agency are a no less important audience of the site than potential buyers. It was necessary to develop a tool for them that would facilitate their work and help them work more effectively with clients. The company's management also needed to collect statistics for each employee to track their performance.

When developing the personal account, it was necessary to take into account that not all employees are confident PC users, so the interface and navigation should be as simple and intuitive as possible. Also, many realtors work literally "on the go", so we needed a convenient adaptive version for phones and tablets.

Adding and editing objects in your merchant profile

One of the most important functions of the personal account is the independent addition of real estate objects to the site by the realtor.

Maxim Savchenko
Front-end Team Lead
Maxim Savchenko

The site's cherry is a form for adding an object. In fact, it is a form consisting of forms. We did it on Vue.js, to save time on support — be sure that after some time the code will not have to be rewritten because no one understands what is happening there.

It was necessary to allow realtors to add and edit properties without access to the administrative panel. However, the set of object parameters depends on its type and can be changed by the administrator at any time, which means that it was impossible to create a static form. Also, there are a lot of parameters, so it was necessary to divide the process into steps.

The form is logically divided into steps, everything works without restarting. Due to this, we have simplified and accelerated routine processes.

Alexey Sergeev
Back-end Team Lead
Alexey Sergeev

To implement the task, a separate constructor was developed, which, depending on the user's access level and object type, generates a list of parameters and sends it to the front. Then work is already included in the Vue.js and builds a user-friendly form based on the received list.

The most difficult and interesting thing here is the new buildings. They have the largest set of parameters by themselves, and also — they also set separate parameters for apartments.

To avoid errors, after saving the object, changes are not published on the site immediately but go to moderation. To do this, create an exact copy of the object with the changes made, which the realtor and moderator work with. However, the previous version does not disappear from the site during the moderation of updates.

Creating collections for clients

The realtor can create a selection of suitable offers in your personal account. You can save this selection as a PDF, print it out, or share the link with the client.


— A new, beautiful website attracts attention.
— Lead generation: collecting requests for real estate selection from clients.
— A convenient personal account that is popular with employees.
— Realtors and clients work with the real estate catalog in the same ecosystem.
— Building the developer's reputation.

The development plans include integration with the catalog of all real estate objects in Sochi.

Stanislav Kondratiev
Head of marketing department
Stanislav Kondratiev

It was immediately clear to us that the project would be complex and lengthy, and for us, as customers, it was very important to find a web studio that could do this work. We were lucky and found Creonit. Yes, there were a lot of difficulties, but thanks to our joint efforts, we got a really cool website that will help our clients in selecting real estate, and our employees to do their work even more productively.

The project received a silver Tagline Award in the category "Best real-estate web app" in 2019.

Thanks for your attention!

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Account manager
Alexandra Shevchenko

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Let's discuss your project
Alexandra Shevchenko
Account manager
Alexandra Shevchenko

We will receive your request and send you an offer within 24 hours with an approximate estimate of the development cost and clarifying questions. After that, we will call you and discuss the project’s goals and requirements. And let’s get started.